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Landscaping on Heritage Road

over 1 year ago

After looking at the plans for landscaping on Heritage Road, we want to hear your thoughts.

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Consultation has concluded

  • sandstress over 1 year ago
    Thank you for working on this. I like the selection of landscaping trees and bushes that have been selected. I think they will fit in to the Colorado landscape. It would be great to have a bit more of color added to the Eagleridge roundabout too. Thanks!
  • ApexSmith over 1 year ago
    Anything is great, thanks. I'd love to see this done after the proposed fixes to the round about, as well as the use of as many native plants as possible. I love the low maintenance idea make it similar to the Kenny Run trail so it feels cohesive. The other thing would be dog waste bins along Heritage. I don't own a dog but tired of the dog-doo that collects around Heritage and 4th and over into the park. Thank you!
  • aballards over 1 year ago
    I agree that anything planted at 4th and Heritage Rd will likely be run over. I understand that the circles will be widened. Why not wait until that is done?
  • JillPowers1 over 1 year ago
    I am always in favor of additional landscaping, as long as it is maintained. Right now, the city seems barely able to keep up with weeding and mowing of existing areas (grass along Heritage Road) (Heritage Dells crosswalk area on Kimball). Of course, the recent rains have exacerbated this situation but still. Also, if the landscaped areas are not to be irrigated, how will this affect the plantings? I noticed several of the trees, etc., planted at the Linking Lookout area died because they were not irrigated. In Colorado, even the most drought tolerant plants need some water once established and a greater amount when first planted. Bottom line - if you can't maintain it, don't do it. Put the money into maintaining what we already have.
  • gustafson over 1 year ago
    I am thinking the plants on the east side of the 4th Ave. roundabout will get run over, just something to consider. If we could get the grass/weeds cut along the west side of Heritage cut consistently, that would help too. Thanks for doing this!
  • zimmtoo over 1 year ago
    I think any additional/improved landscaping in this corridor will be an improvement. My only comments are:- Make sure whatever is installed is low maintenance and there is a maintenance plan in place and executed- Evaluate tree and shrub placement in roundabouts and at corners for sight distance concerns- The sign in the splitter island on the west leg of Eagle Ridge/Heritage is a sight distance challenge. - The added top placard on the Eagle Ridge sign does not appear to refer to an actual neighborhood organization or a website, instead referring to a commercial interest (possibly a neighborhood problem? but I have no clue who is responsible for that if so).Thanks for working on this!
  • Mudflats47 over 1 year ago
    I thought you should know that at least one person looked at this post. It's hard to know how to comment on this. At first, my thought was that we should be planting all Colorado natives from local genetic stock. Somehow, though, I don't think that would be a popular look among the villagers. It took some research to discover that many of the proposed plants are from PlantSelect that have been tested in our climate. That's a good thing. If we could just get rid of that row of Russian Olives along the east side of Heritage between Eagle Ridge and 4th, and replace with some of the trees on the proposed list, that would be a big improvement.