North Washington Complete Street Project

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The stretch of North Washington Avenue between Hwy 58 and Hwy 93 has long been lacking in many of the amenities that improve transportation needs in the area, and over the rest of this year and into 2019, it will finally be getting the attention it deserves. The street has been on the City’s Complete Streets priority list since 2010 when the Complete Street Policy was initially adopted by City Council.

The design for the North Washington Avenue corridor includes improved facilities for cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, as well as the replacement of aging asphalt roadways. This means the

The stretch of North Washington Avenue between Hwy 58 and Hwy 93 has long been lacking in many of the amenities that improve transportation needs in the area, and over the rest of this year and into 2019, it will finally be getting the attention it deserves. The street has been on the City’s Complete Streets priority list since 2010 when the Complete Street Policy was initially adopted by City Council.

The design for the North Washington Avenue corridor includes improved facilities for cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, as well as the replacement of aging asphalt roadways. This means the addition of bike lanes and improved sidewalks, which fulfills a formerly missing pedestrian connection between 2nd Street and Iowa Street. Pedestrian connectivity is further enhanced by the addition of a raised crosswalk at the intersection of Washington Avenue and 2nd Street, which is an important walking route for schoolchildren attending Mitchell Elementary.

Construction for the project began in mid-September and is anticipated to last into early summer, 2019. Given that this project will span the winter of ’18 and ’19 there will be periods when the weather is not conducive to installation of concrete and asphalt. You can follow the schedule and phasing plans as well as the progression of the project here. Please remember closure and detour dates can change at any time, so check in often.

While the finished product will be worth it in the end, the process to get there will require some patience and understanding from our commuters. City staff will work with the contractors to minimize the impacts as much as possible, but closures, detours and delays will be necessary to make it all happen. We will work to notify residents as frequently and timely as possible to hopefully lessen the impact and inconvenience.

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  • Now that the alleyway off Washington Ave (just south of 2nd Street) has reopened, can you please let me know when trash/recycling pick-up will resume? It has been weeks since our last collection, and the bins are over-flowing. The City of Golden continues to charge us for this service. I contacted Alpine Waste but haven't heard back. Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    globaldaniel asked 10 months ago

    The City is working with the solid waste service provider to get services restored to  pre-project state.

  • Can you please give an update on when the alleyway to the south of 2nd Street will re-open? The blind exit to Ford Street is extremely dangerous - and the ruts in the road are harming my car's suspension. Hoping it will be soon!

    globaldaniel asked 11 months ago

    Paving of phase 3 is scheduled to be done early next week which will open the alley to the street. This work is very weather dependent so rain could delay things.

  • On the northbound side of Washington, approaching the 93 intersection, why does the bike lane simply end? I see there is a small sidewalk island in the middle of the entrance to the gas station and parking lot, but beyond that island, where you cross the traffic that is turning right onto Washington from the gas station, there's no sidewalk or any signage of how to safely access the bike path adjacent to 93.

    Ann asked 11 months ago

    There will be a CDOT project later this year. Separate from, but related to the current project which will tie in the bike lanes and make other improvements at Washington and HWY 93. 

  • This is a significant improvement. Nice work!

    ed71thompson asked 11 months ago

    Thank you. 

  • During the final phase of the project that includes the re-configuring of the highway 58 ramps, will the ramps be closed or can we still access 58 from Washington? Will Washington be open during this phase or remain closed? Do you have an idea of when Washington will reopen? I use the RTD bus to Boulder and the current closed bus stops at 5th and 2nd state that the bus detour will go until April 30th, but I am wondering if the detour will last beyond April 30th if Washington remains closed. Thanks!

    hmwinter1983 asked 12 months ago

    The ramps will remain open during construction of the final phase. Washington Avenue will remain open in that phase as well in the SB only configuration it is currently in. The project will not be completed by April 30th. We are anticipating mid-June for tentative project completion. 

  • Those of us in the 300 block of apartments on the west side of Washington would like to know when we will be able to use the new front parking. The dirt parking in the back that we have all been forced to use likes to turn into a giant mud pit every time it rains or snows, so it has very quickly deteriorated. The back parking also was not meant to handle this many cars, which is adding to the deterioration of the lot itself and the dirt path leading to it. Also, I received a notice about not being able to access my front door from April 1st to April 3rd because you would be connecting my walkway to the sidewalk. That obviously did not happen, so I would like to know when you are planning on actually doing that so I know when I cannot use my front door.

    Apau asked 12 months ago

    We are hoping that activity in the area of parking will be done in the next several weeks. 

    The contractor will re-notify any residents that have access connections that need to be placed. 

  • I would like to know that we used to park in the front of our unit and sense the project started we are parking in the and that road is uneven and very bumpy! So will be able to start parking in the front once again after the project is completed? Or is that now for all the visitors that come to visit our town?

    Nhra1977 asked 12 months ago

    Without knowing your address I cannot fully answer your question. Once the project is complete all uneven and bumpy roads will be repaired. Further, at project completion all legal parking within the public ROW will be available to all users. 

  • My trash hasn't been picked up in weeks. The water pressure in my house is very low. Can you please let me (and my neighbors) know when these issues will be resolved? Will this nightmare EVER end?

    globaldaniel asked 12 months ago

    The reduced water pressure is temporary. Once the main is replaced the pressure will return to normal. 

    Trash service along Washington should proceed as it normally does.  Please place your trash and recycle cans as you normally would on Tuesday morning as close to the limits of disturbance as possible. The contractor will handle getting the cans through the site and to the trash truck. Please let us know after Tuesday if that has not occurred. 

  • Do you anticipate the westbound bike lane will complete by June 8th? We are planning a group memorial bike ride for that date and wanted to end the ride up Washington Ave from downtown to Cannonball Creek Brewery.

    Bettyanncnm asked 12 months ago

    We anticipate the project will be complete by the 8th of June but we cannot guarantee it. We are working as quickly as possible to complete the project. 

  • Will Alpine start collecting recycling again now that the west side of the road immediately in front of residents’ driveways is open? We haven’t had our recycling bins emptied in three months!

    CLS asked about 1 year ago

    We apologize for the gap in service. We are working with the project Contractor and our Solid Waste Service Provider to ensure all waste service is restored and continues for the remainder of the project. We will communicate with any impacted residents.  

  • I live in the 500 block of Washington Ave. Now that the northbound lane is closed, where will trash and recycle pickup occur? Please let us know... Thanks.

    mohara asked about 1 year ago

    City staff will work with the Contractor and Solid Waste Service Provider to find a solution to the issue of trash service for the duration of this phase of the project. We will coordinate with impacted residents. 

  • Could you please provide an update on this project? Needless to say, those of us who live along Washington Ave are anxious for it to be finished. Also, what's the plan for traffic once you have to permanently close the Northbound lane that currently allows us to reach our homes (at least after hours and on weekends)? Thank you.

    globaldaniel asked about 1 year ago

    While we have lost more days to bad weather than we would like we still believe the the end date of June is achievable.  Once the current phase of the project (west side of Washington) is paved we will switch the direction of traffic and allow southbound traffic on that side. This will allow constrcution of the next phase on the east side of Washington.  Intermittent closures during the day will continue, but area residents will still be able to access homes and driveways in the evenings and weekends. We will update the project schedule on this website shortly. Thanks and regards. 

  • I live on the 300 block, I'm wondering when the active hours of construction are? My car is immobile and in the no parking zone. I've hired a tow truck to remove my vehicle, but I need to know what hours construction is inactive, so I can safely remove my car, thanks!

    Haaleylew asked about 1 year ago

    7 am to 9 pm are the working hours. 

  • I live in the 300 block of apartments on the west side of Washington, and there are currently “no parking” signs in some sections of our front parking, but not others. Are we allowed to park in those sections without signs, or is all of it supposed to be closed off? There is not enough parking in the back for everyone’s cars so quite a few of us have to park out front, but we’re also trying not to get towed. Thanks!

    Apau asked about 1 year ago

    In order to maintain the safety of the workers as well as the drivers in the area, all of the parking within the public ROW will be closed in this area. The area behind the buildings as well as viable, adjacent side street parking should be used during construction. We recognize that this is a major inconvenience and we apologize for the same. We will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the impacts to all users and area residents.    

  • I see that Phase 3 will begin on Monday, 1/7. My house is located just south of 2nd and Washington, and I use the alleyway on the East side of Washington to park my car. I'm curious how I will be able to access my driveway during the construction? Thanks.

    globaldaniel asked about 1 year ago

    Washington will be open to local traffic only north bound except on limited occasions. You can also use Ford St to reach the alley from the east throughout the phase.

  • why has the city placed signs on private property and not within the city ROW?

    RRodgers asked over 1 year ago

    The city places signs generally just behind the sidewalk to allow pedestrains the most space possible. this is particularly true in areas of town where we have minimal sidewalks. This can be just out of the right of way but occurs in many locations around town. If there is a particular sign that is of concern contact us and we will relocate it.

  • what happened to opening phase 1 & 2 temporarily tile after the holidays??

    kstile asked over 1 year ago

    The contractor is paving this week. Goal is to finish by end of week, prior to the Holidays and reopen the roadway.  Contractor will leave and return after the new year. There will be some remaining work in phases I and II to accomplish in the new year but it is anticipated it can be completed without a full closure of the road.  

  • Will there be a formal crosswalk from Altitude Apartments to KinderCare/Shopping Center? There is currently a small spur sidewalk that extends onto Washington Ave; however, there is no crosswalk in conjunction.

    tanana98 asked over 1 year ago

    Apologies for the delay in response.  The plans for the current project do not contemplate a crosswalk at that location. If, after the project is complete, it is found that the site meets the warrants for installation of a marked crosswalk one will be installed. 

  • Why are we not allowed to park from the barricade to the alley outside of the construction zone on 1st Street?

    RRodgers asked over 1 year ago

    There is work that will need to be performed in that area as a part of the project. We will discuss with the contractor the timing of that work. If the area is not needed in the near future we will open it back up to parking in the interim. 

  • On northbound Hwy 93 between Hwy 58 and Iowa, is it possible to extend the right turn lane a little further south so vehicles turning right (east) onto Iowa do not have to merge down to one lane first.

    drice7070 asked over 1 year ago

    That road is CDOT,  but they should not do that, and I am sure they wouldn't. There would be no way to restrict the lane to right turn only. If the lane went all the way to Iowa then ended you would have traffic merging in an intersection, that would be very dangerous.  Better they merge before, because we can't carry the lane through the intersection. 

  • Could the northbound shoulder of Hiway 93, where 93 narrows from 2 lanes to 1 lane just prior to Iowa Street, be paved (even temporarily for this project) such that those vehicles turning right onto Iowa Street could stay in the right lane and avoid the need to zipper merge? It would seem this would reduce the number of vehicles needing to merge from the 2 lanes to the 1 lane section of 93 and allow those vehicles turning right onto Iowa Street to avoid the merge thus speeding up both the merge and the access to a right turn on Iowa Street.

    finally asked over 1 year ago

    That road is CDOT,  but they should not do that, and I am sure they wouldn't. There would be no way to restrict the lane to right turn only. If the lane went all the way to Iowa then ended you would have traffic merging in an intersection, that would be very dangerous.  RBetter they merge before, because we can't carry the lane through the intersection.

  • Will any verbiage be added to the new mural (Wall of Hope) so there is a better connect to the intended purpose of the mural… any inspirational messages of hope?

    drice7070 asked over 1 year ago

    There is nothing in the project to add any verbiage. If you feel that something should be added go to the public art commission. There staff liaison is Steve Glueck at

  • For the apartment buildings located at the 300th block on the west side of Washington, I only see 14 parking spaces for the roughly 16 units. Also, the southern (middle) exit between the two buildings has been paved over with a sidewalk and grass. Where are those people supposed to park once this is done? There are over 20 cars between those two apartment buildings and now there is no pull through for the people who park behind the larger building and zero parking for the southernmost (smaller) building. I may not be interpreting the images correctly so I would like some insight on this. Thank you!

    swong asked over 1 year ago

    There are actually 29 on street parking spaces south of 2nd Street. Access to the lower parking is between the first building and second building to the south of 2nd street, or from 2nd street. The design team spent significant time with all the building owners to insure access and sufficient parking.

  • Will the new mural (Wall of Hope) be preserved during construction on Washington Ave? It's very special to the community...especially to the Golden High School community.

    lauwoo asked over 1 year ago

    Yes. The mural will be preserved. 

  • What parking will there be for the temporary bus stop at Iowa & Washington?

    lisaa asked over 1 year ago

    RTD is finishing the exact location of the temporary bus stops on Iowa, but it will be on Iowa west of Washington, and the best parking would be on Ruby north of Iowa beyond where there are three lanes because of the left turn lane. From that on street parking you will have a sidewalk all the way to the temporary bus stop.

  • I live at 2nd and Washington, and would like to know if I will still have access to my driveway during this project? Also, will trash pickup and mail delivery continue as normal? Thanks!

    globaldaniel asked over 1 year ago

    Yes you will have access to your driveway throughout the project, except for a couple of days when they are poring the driveway approach at your house. The contractor will stop by and talk with you about how the will work a few days prior to the work being done. Yes trash and mail service will continue as normal throughout the project.  

  • During the last public meeting, it was requested that the milestone schedule as well as the final plan view design drawings be made public. Have those been added to this website?

    Denverviper asked over 1 year ago

    Yes it will be up soon. We have been waiting for concurrence to award from CDOT, which we received on Friday. Until then we did not have a definite start date. Now that we have that we will get the schedule from Concrete Works soon and get it posted. I am sure that it will be up this week.

  • Looks like there are a number of great improvements! I love the protected bike lanes and the raised walks. Regarding where Washington crosses SH93, will that crosswalk be raised? It looks like the modifications to the intersection will add a barrier dividing the crosswalk into two. This will increase the complexity of an already dangerous crosswalk. My family and I use this crossing frequently and Southbound cars racing the heavy northbound traffic do not see pedestrians. This is particularly problematic with southbound pedestrians. These will now be blended with the improvements. Would the city consider raising the crosswalk, making the left turn a turn on arrow only, or giving pedestrians an all red light protected crossing? As it is now, many of us don't let our children cross without an adult. For example, to go to Mitchell we're feeding them down to Ford and around the long way. It's a real problem! Additionally, I've noticed that Washington is becoming a bypass for SH93 from 58 northward during rush hour. I'm not sure this is a problem, nor what we can/should do about it. I'm just trying to raise awareness as the neighborhoods further North get built. I suspect that Washington and to a lesser extent Ford will be bypassing routes during rush hour putting more pressure on the intersections with SH93.

    Blitz123 asked over 1 year ago

    The intersection at SH 93 and Washington Ave. is a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)owned intersection. Improvements and design is controlled by them. The improvements to that location that are shown in our plans will actually be completed by CDOT next supper as part of a traffic signal upgrade. I can't imagine that they would allow a raised crosswalk on a state highway. I would have concerns about creating high speed side impact crashes. They will be making some pedestrian improvements, a separate left turn lane on Washington Ave with a pedestrian refuge island before crossing Washington. The other thing that they could do is remove the permissive left for vehicles turning on to Washington from 93 and have a red arrow after the green cycle, but given the capacity problems on 93 I am not sure they would consider that. It may surprise you, but if you go from the trail on Joseph Cir. to Mitchell by the SH 93 trail to Iowa, then to ruby to Mitchell it is the same distance as going through the park to Ford then to 2nd and on to Mitchell. You can go to Google earth and measure it, it was a surprise to us.  We will have a raised crosswalk at 2nd and Ford, and 2nd at Washington as part of making 2nd a safe rout to school.

  • I've been to several North Washington planning meetings. (Unfortunately I was out of town for the most recent one a couple weeks ago). The last news that was communicated at these meetings was that all the design was paid for, but there was construction money only for the segments from highway 58 to 2nd street. Has that changed? When? Are the plans the same as before or were things scaled back to provide more money for what's now being labeled "Phase 1"?

    nscollins asked over 1 year ago

    City council was presented two options at their August 9th meeting. One would limit the project to the SH 58 to Iowa segment and was within the budgeted funding. The second included the segment A and would go from SH 93 to SH 58. This option would require the city to increase funds to the project. Council decided to complete the entire project, and use additional capital funds. The project has not been scaled back from the version that was shown at the August 2017 public meeting. Also when you look at plans for the project there are 3 areas, A - 93 to Iowa,       B - Iowa through 2nd and C - 2nd to SH 58. When you see phase that relates to construction phasing. We are beginning phase 1 and 2 concurrently which includes areas A and B. Phase 3 will be area C.

  • Has RTD decided on a detour plan for the GS bus?

    nscollins asked over 1 year ago

    Yes, The bus will stop at 6th as normal then use 5th street to Ford to Iowa. There will be an new temporary stop on Iowa just west of Washington. This will be active through phase 1 and 2 which is expected to be completed in January. There will be a new route posted when we change to phase 3.