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  • Large crowds, gathering location, and cookouts on the Beach
  • Low rule compliance at the Beach
  • Sand issues
    • soiling the creek
    • trail hazards
  • Native vegetation conservation
  • Over 40 entrance points to creek encouraging crowding and code violations
  • RV Park area pinch point for trail users year-round

Efforts to Meet Challenges in 2023

  • Lane painting on trail
  • Offered a shuttle option for bring-your-own tubers and outfitter customers
  • Saved 22,000 trips on the trail by 11,000 people used traditional shuttle program
  • Saved 3,300 trips on the trail with 1,650 people using the new public shuttle

Proposed for 2024

  • Formalize Beach area for access and smaller/shorter visits
  • Protect vegetation and support re-establishment
  • Add fencing and gates to 25 of the entrances
    • Limit crowds in off-limit areas
    • Support rehabilitation of vegetation
    • Make activity data collection easier
  • Widen trail along RV Park
  • Continue use of flaggers at Ford St.
  • Continue use of public shuttle

Proposed Gate and Fence Locations

Fencing and gates are proposed for 25 of the creek entrances (see map below). Different fencing and gate options are possible, including sleeved fencing, sliding gates, and swinging gates. We want to hear which options you prefer!

Proposed Beach Improvements

A number of beach improvements are recommended to encourage and shorter visits, and to protect vegetation and support re-establishment.

Proposed RV Park Trail Improvements

Widening of the RV Park Trail in the areas indicated on the map below are proposed to help prevent bottlenecking.

For a closer look at the three maps posted above, open the 2024 Clear Creek Meeting Maps document, then give us your feedback below!

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