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1012 Ford Street- Golden Mill Parking Variance Request

by awesner, over 1 year ago
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The Planning Commission approved at a Public Hearing at a meeting on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 911 10th Street, Golden, Colorado an application requesting a zoning variance to allow restaurant use at the former Golden Mill site, located at 1012 Ford Street, which does not meet the parking minimums required per Chapter 18.36 of the Golden Municipal Code. The proposed use is 35 spaces short of the code requirements. The applicant has agreements in place with neighboring businesses for shared parking in close proximity to the site. Please click on the link below to review the application.

1012 Ford Variance Application

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finally about 1 year ago
The parking seems OK as there is much pedestrian traffic that may take some of the parking load. But the proposed parking should not be allowed to adversely impact any existing residences. Maybe require some sort of complementary or discounted parking the city parking garage. The need for more restaurants seems pretty obvious particularly in the warmer months. Creek-side outside seating is a huge plus. The design however, in my opinion, doesn't fit the quaint old family Golden image. The design seems way to industrial, as someone said. I would rather see a design with something more lodge, ranch or mining like in appearance and which, in my opinion, would tie to what I like to think of as the core small town western historic Golden image.
MauraNunez about 1 year ago
Is the outdoor seating along the river or Ford St.? (The image is blurry...) Much, much better to have it next to the river than the road.
Bryank80 about 1 year ago
My understanding is that us, the citizens of Golden, have already figured out that “keeping a small town feel” and “infill characteristic with Neighborhood” is important to us? The design of this building looks industrial, with all of the steel beams and does not have a small town feel and is not characteristic with the neighborhood. Almost all of the buildings in Golden have brick and wood....not large steel beams.
kimadams123 about 1 year ago
I'm so happy that Golden is finally attracting businesses that make sense. I love the building design and am happy that the mill remains. Golden needs more good food options and less dilapidated 70s office buildings. This is great!
justinr about 1 year ago
This seems totally fine to me. I would rather see people sitting outside next to the river then cars parked next to it. If they have long term contracted agreements for parking with Coors Tek and others, I say pass this parking variance. Also, the previous comments concentrated more on design, use and ascetic (and smell) than actual parking issues. I too do not like the proposed design of this building, we are not Rino District, but in regards to parking, less cement and more people outside by the river is way better. No matter who was going to be there, that parking lot had to go, it is too prime river front property not to take that current parking lot out.
Cp over 1 year ago
New projects should add to the character of the area, not detract. The building design should be modified and the parking variance should not be granted. A design that is appropriate for Aurora is in no way appropriate for Golden. If such designs are allowed we will find ourselves with property values in line the Aurora's values.
jeffaksilva over 1 year ago
This is ridiculous. They don't have enough space there for what they want to do. This will cause traffic headaches with people crossing the street from CoorsTek. If they even show up. I'm sure the people living in the apartments next door and across clear creek don't want the noise and cooking odors that goes along with such a facility. We don't need this kind of development. I looked at the Stanley Marketplace. Too corporate and definitely not Golden. Do our local restaurants really need this kind of competition. Think about the people of Golden and what they might want. This is not it!