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Basecamp (1630 8th Street)- Approved

by awesner, over 1 year ago
Pages from 2018 1008 briarwood   sdp submittal

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Planning Commission approved an application requesting site plan approval and a banking plan for a 48 unit hotel/lodge, and two 36 unit apartments buildings, located at 1630 8th Street, the former location of the Briarwood Restaurant, zoned C-1, Commercial. Please click on the link below to review the full application and traffic impact studies provided by the applicant.

1630 8th Street Site Development Plan

Traffic Impact Study

Supplemental Mobility/Traffic Study

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Mary 12 months ago
So it appears this was approved...clearly there is no point in having a planning committee as preserving what has made Golden so special is secondary to catering to developers regardless of the impact on our community. I sincerely hope that members of the planning committee will be held accountable for their decision in the future when the impact becomes evident. The Community Garden will never be the same with 4 story buildings bordering it. The already out of control dog waste on the path from 8th St to the Creek will only increase. Parking will definitely be a problem—-the Confluence apartments on 8th already has a shortage of parking; with the dog park, the Community Garden, and clearly underestimated parking needs with the new project, parking will be more difficult for all in the area—poor planning similar to what the Outlook apartments realized after the fact. But, I’m sure the developers will profit from this by charging residents of both of their properties more for garages and parking spaces. Thanks for ruining one of the most beautiful parts of Golden.
Cp 12 months ago
Planning Commission/City Council, Please consider the source of the traffic study and vet their competency. Please, abide by ALL zoning codes, along with the 1% Growth Limitation when considering this project. Please do not allow variances of any kind. Please make sure this fits the Golden Neighborhood Visions, along with the character of the town. Please make sure this project is respectful of the adjacent neighbors. Please consider a citywide building moratorium until adequate building codes can be adopted.
tapefighter about 1 year ago
That's exactly it, we will get an increase in diverse options, like more restaurants (hopefully better ones), more entertainment options, more jobs, more people with progressive ideas, and a higher tax base for public works. We live in the Denver metro area, not rural Iowa; it might take you a minute to find a parking spot. I agree, this does not help affordability unless public funds are appropriated accordingly.
KarenKormos about 1 year ago
Absurdity at its highest form. The Density in Golden is out of control. We can’t get into restraurants anymore, parking is insane. From one who had volunteered in our local elementary schools the classes are over crowded and understaffed. STOP overbuilding our town!
barb about 1 year ago
Increased density does not translate to affordable in Golden. The 8th Street apartments right across the street from this development start at $1823/month (for 710 square feet) and go up to $3792/month (for 1622 sq ft). The new condos at 19th and Ford started above $500K and went up to nearly $1 million.In what way does this development benefit people who live in Golden?
tapefighter about 1 year ago
I am very much in favor of this development. Golden will benefit from increased density as it brings much needed diversity in all its forms.
lauwoo about 1 year ago
Eventhough I am a Golden Native, I am not one to fight change and I rarely speak up about all the new developments in/around Golden. I have trusted the City to make the right decisions to keep our small city a charming place to live with a "small town" feel. I understand change will happen and some new developments will be allowed. The trust I have in the City stems from watching the City do a lot of research to gather opinions from the people that live in Golden. Even creating is a sign they want to work with us and not against us. I feel like they cared a lot by wanting to know how the citizens feel. So, after saying all that, I really hope that they hear our cries about this project. This is the first time I have spoken up about a building project in Golden, because there are so many red flags that pop up when reading the 1630 8th St Site Development Plan. This doesn't fit in the City of Golden. I would actually be shocked if it passes and very let down and betrayed by the City. If approved, I feel all the efforts the City put forth to gather our thoughts and create a vision was a waste. One of the top things people wanted to protect was the "small town" feel. I feel like this very large project would severely damage Golden in so many ways and it would damage our towns reputation. Everyone is welcome to enjoy Golden, but I don't feel like we need to overcrowd Golden with living quarters. Everyone mentioned the effects on the roads, parking and traffic, but I also want to consider the effects it will have on the schools, police and fire depts, our community events and our small community center and library. Please don't less us outgrow our town.
j8mitchell about 1 year ago
Has Golden's 1% growth limit been completely abandoned? Everywhere I look in Golden I see single family homes being scraped and replaced by multi-unit structures. Add to that the even larger scale developments such as what's being built at 93rd and Golden Gate and this very large scale proposal and Golden is rapidly losing it's charm and small town feel. But beyond the "feelings" this type of unfettered growth engenders, it's clear from a more practical standpoint that traffic and congestion is Golden is rapidly getting worse. This particular proposed development is too much density for such a small area with the limited traffic access available on 8th. And the parking, as described, will likely be much less than adequate causing additional problems in that area. I understand why the developers want this. There's no doubt they will fill the apartments before they are even built. But I'm not sure what the motivations here are for the city leaders to allow this. Golden does not have a lodging tax that I'm aware of so there's no potential revenue there from the hotel. The question that needs to be asked is how does this benefit Golden overall?
Denverviper about 1 year ago
PLEASE STOP! THE CITIZENS OF GOLDEN DONT WANT THIS MUCH DENSITY!!! Adding this development is a mistake. The monstrosity of new apartments buildings at 93 & Golden Gate was bad enough, so please don't make the same mistake at 93 & Hwy 58. These apartments will create too much density, and increase traffic in already congested spots. Projects like this reduce Golden's small town appeal, and quite honestly, make me want to move out of Golden.
MGat about 1 year ago
I understand how and why GURA originated in late 80's. It has been a successful overall plan to bring tourists and businesses to town which in turn created huge increases in tax revenue. It worked to attract investors, but now I can see how investors can be greedy and take advantage of GURA's "generosity." With 72 apartments and 48 hotel rooms at the Briarwood site, that's over 200 cars and people daily who will be accessing 8th street off 58, 6th, and Washington. The bike/walking path runs directly by the property on two sides. I walk or bike it a few times a week. Perhaps the developer will consider something more pleasing and less dense, e.g., the Altitude Apartments at Washington and Iowa. Of course, there wouldn't be as much profit because it would be spread out, but it would be better than another group of canned oversized buildings. It's a beautiful setting now with the community garden and dog park, and even with those staying in place, this development, along with the traffic and people it brings, will overshadow everything. I watched development occur in the DU area, and I petitioned for traffic calming through my neighborhood there. Still, the developers got out of control with high rise apartment buildings taking over the landscape and neighborhood homes dwarfed by scrape-offs and subsequent three and four story homes and box apartment buildings. If you haven't visited DU recently, take a ride around the area-the intersection at Evans Ave and University Blvd and all housing and businesses within a ten block radius or more, and you'll see what can happen when investors take over without regard for the community. I'm concerned that this new project with 72 apartments and 48 hotel rooms will be a huge scar on the neighborhood and town as a whole. The idea of a developer building on both ends of town and in between makes me wonder and question his/her/their motives. Is it for money, or is it an investment in something better for our community?
alnbobby about 1 year ago
For this proposal, the Planning Commission must address the increased traffic that would occur along 8th (particularly), 9th, and 10th streets …. and Washington Ave. The only current way that residents and workers on 8th, 9th, and 10th can go south along Hwy 6, north along Hwy 93, or west into Clear Creek Canyon, is to go east and access Washington Ave. Without changes to traffic patterns (e.g., the Briarwood Dr to/from Hwy 58 one way setup), I envision significantly increased vehicle backups on 8th St, 9th, 10th, and Washington Ave. Thanks for your sincere consideration on this matter.
Author Commented awesner about 1 year ago
Thank you for your comments! I will include them in the packet for Planning Commission's hearing on December 5th. Also, just to clarify, the bike path will remain as well as the crosswalk across 8th Street. In addition, a new 8 foot sidewalk will extend along the south side of 8th Street to serve the proposed development as is required by city code.
vviola about 1 year ago
This would make 171 apartments plus a 48 unit hotel within a span of about 500 meters along 8th street that have been added in the past eight years. In 2010 there were approximtely 110 housing units along 8th Street between Washington and the Briarwood Inn. This addition, plus the 8th Street Apartments and new condos near Washington, would create almost triple that number. The bike path has also been eliminated and no bike lanes exist -- which makes riding dangerous. While this added congestion may benefit developers, it is an affront to those of us living in the area. My question for the Planning Commission is: would you want this to happen in your neighborhood?