What is a rental registry?

    A rental registry can mean a variety of things, but for the City of Golden, the purpose could be to create and maintain a comprehensive list of long-term rental properties and relevant contact information of landlords, tenants, and property managers. Rental registry is a temporary title and the City may change the name to better reflect the goals of this effort dependent on feedback.

    Why is the City of Golden exploring a rental registry?

    A rental registry could help the City communicate with a critical part of the housing continuum. The registry could provide an additional mechanism for two-way communication between property owners, renters, and the City, and also incentivize potential enhancements for long-term rental properties, related to health, safety, transit, and affordability.

    How would a rental registry be used?

    A rental registry could help provide valuable insight for City of Golden staff and council to address needs within the community. 

    Examples include: 

    • An additional way to reach homeowners about important City projects or updates to infrastructure. 
    • Determining and expanding OreCart transit routes based on density, multi-family housing locations, etc. 
    • Identifying gaps in the existing housing stock in Golden to ensure the City of Golden offers a variety of options. 
    • Finding ways to support landlords to preserve long-term rental opportunities for locals. 

    If the City implements a rental registry, will it be mandatory?

    No. The City of Golden has no intention of mandating registration. If pursued, voluntary registration would be created with the possibility for incentives for landlords, property managers, and tenants who choose to participate. Potential incentives include funding for health and safety updates to rental properties, rental assistance, etc.

    Are there going to be inspections or licensing requirements paired with the rental registry?

    No. The City of Golden has no plans to require inspection; city staff do not have capacity or interest in requiring inspections or licensing for long-term rental properties.

    Why should I sign up for a rental registry as a landlord?

    Long-term rentals are a key component of Golden’s housing continuum. Around 42% of our housing stock are rental properties and we know very little about these properties. Registering your property would help the City improve it’s understanding of our rental stock and provide resources accordingly. Additionally, as a registered property, you would have access to more funding and resources to improve the health and safety of your property.

    How would a rental registry impact me as a tenant?

    Since 42% of Golden’s housing stock is long-term rental properties, a better understanding of these properties would help ensure the City of Golden is providing the appropriate resources to support this housing option. Additionally, registration would expand communication and engagement with renters who are often under-represented and/or under-informed about City resources.

    How will the City ensure the privacy and security of information if collected through a registry?

    If the City were to move forward with a rental registry, selecting and vetting a database to ensure security, safety, and privacy would be a top priority for city staff.

    Who will have access to the registry data?

    Rental registry data would be accessible only to city staff and elected officials.