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Astor House Comments

9 months ago

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  • alewifejs 5 months ago
    None of the proposals meet the requirement for "public use." Any business in town is available to the public during open hours for the public to walk in the door - to spend money! Sorry, but that is not public use. There is a better solution somewhere out there. The citizens, who actually own the building, need more notice and public meeting on this subject. Even members of the Boards and Commissions admit they had little knowledge and were allowed to review only the Foster proposal. The deciding committee met in secret and was certainly stacked against the community's best interests in favor of a under-market sale.
  • blahnert 8 months ago
    City of Golden: Do not sell the Astor House! I oppose any sale of the Astor House to a private entity. I would prefer the City board it up and wait for a creative solution, rather than dump it, much less for well below market value. The Astor House has a long history in our public culture and it should stay a publicly owned property. The only proposals that allow for the City (meaning us citizens) to maintain ownership is the Museum of Reinterpretation and the Yard. The other proposals require the City to sell for well below market value (in the Fosters case, just $550,000) with no current guarantee that the property cannot be flipped in the future for profit. Keep the Astor House for future residents of Golden! Do not sell it!Full disclosure: My daughter Abigail is the creator of the Museum of Reinterpretation and I support her idea along with the Yard as a fantastic public use of the property.
  • jjamieson 8 months ago
    Any future use of the Astor House should include a public/semipublic component. The Foster proposal seems the best match to balance that with the need to generate income. The proposal also reintroduces the building's historic use. So many community members have worked hard to preserve the Astor House, and it is crucial that is maintained as a community asset.
    • camerdb 8 months ago
      I agree the Foster proposal is the most well rounded and I have encouraged the Hostel approach in the past. While the museum of reinterpretation is a good idea, if/when city pursues civic space in 311 10th street they could still program some space there. The spare remodel (of Museum approach) does not, in my opinion, increase the value of the property for the long term. While the Foster proposal is aggressive in its design approach, it is the only one that really ties the 19th to the 21st centuries with a through line of food and rooms to let. I understand they propose buying and owning, but some protections via deed restriction could still be used to ensure long term character is preserved.