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Have you heard a rumor in the community or just curious about something going on in town? We're here to help! Post your questions and a City Staff member will provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.

Have you heard a rumor in the community or just curious about something going on in town? We're here to help! Post your questions and a City Staff member will provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.

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  • What are the next steps with the Transportation Master Plan, now that the public feedback portion of the process is complete?

    Ann asked 24 days ago

    The next phase will be a review of the TMP framework that the consultants have put together. The framework is essentially an outline of the final draft that presents the main topics that the plan will cover. The consultants will present this framework to a joint study session with City Council, Planning Commission, and MTAB (Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board). The comments generated from this discussion will be incorporated into an initial draft to be reviewed in early fall. 

  • Why is Washington Ave x hwy 93 going to be closed starting July 22nd?

    swong asked about 1 month ago

    On Monday, July 22 we will close Washington Ave at Hwy 93 to begin replacing a storm sewer crossing. This work will take place in advance of the completion of the pedestrian and bike lane connections that were begun last year in conjunction with the Washington Avenue Complete Streets project. This is the one part of the project that was not touched while the rest of the work was being done on Washington Avenue to allow people to still access businesses in the area. Work is anticipated to take one week to complete and business access and a detour will be in place via Iowa Street. Please contact John Hardy at (303) 384-8195 if you have any questions.

  • Why are there no pedestrian crossing markers, or any street lights, at the crossing of Iowa Dr on Rubey Dr (between 93 and Washington), even though there is a ramp curb on all 4 corners? The primary concern is that this is the natural place to cross Iowa when using the pedestrian/bike path that parallels 93, sees frequent use by both peds and bikes, and there's nothing to indicate to drivers that anyone would be crossing there.

    Ann asked 2 months ago

    Your inquiry is timely, as the Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board  (MTAB) is finalizing a manual on crosswalk policy that would outline when a crosswalk should be marked vs being left unmarked. So once that manual is completed we can evaluate this particular intersection.  I do want to clarify that crosswalks do technically exist at every intersection, they are simply unmarked crosswalks. The point being that a driver should not be surprised to find a pedestrian crossing Iowa Drive at Rubey Drive. I would also put forth the idea that the marked and signalized crosswalk at Iowa and HWY 93 would offer a very good opportunity for bikes and pedestrians to access the HWY 93 trail. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Best regards, Joe Puhr

  • Hello - Now that most improvements on North Washington Avenue are complete, what is the timeline and plan for the actual intersection of Washington Avenue and Hwy 93? Some city literature has stated that improvements to the intersection will include pedestrian and bike accessibility upgrades, but what will those upgrades be? I am curious because I regularly use the bike path along Hwy 93 to walk or bike to the Canyon Point shopping area. However, since Washington Avenue has reopened and regular traffic has resumed, I have almost been hit by a car three times, all by drivers turning right from Washington to go north on 93. Because of those three incidents, I no longer walk my children to daycare, which is located in Canyon Point shopping area. I hope the improvements make that intersection safer for bikes and pedestrians.

    chugh55 asked 3 months ago

    The light at the intersection of State Hwy 93 and Washington Avenue will be replaced this year by the Colorado Department of Transportation. As a part of that project, a separate defined right turn lane will be constructed on Washington. This will allow the pedestrian trail to cross the right turn lane to a pedestrian refuge before crossing the rest of Washington Ave. This will be a big improvement from the current situation where there are some cars turning and some going straight and pedestrians don’t always know what cars are doing. The project will occur this year, but we do not have a schedule at this time. The City will be replacing the culvert under Washington later this month and the CDOT project will start some time after that.

  • Where can I find information about Lions'Park improvements? Time line mainly. Thank you, Marie Gillis

    mgillis8 asked 3 months ago

    There is no established date to reopen the playground, other than ASAP! The Lion’s Park Playground safety updates are almost complete. The slide has been replaced, and the surface is scheduled to be poured – weather permitting – Friday. We have asked Mother Nature for three days of 60 degrees and higher temperatures, as the surface will need three days with higher temperatures to get the best adhesion of the safety surface layover before the playground can be reopened for use. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Is there a bike path in the master plan from Golden north to 58th? This would sure enhance access for neighborhoods on the north side of North Table Mountain! If so, is it a Golden project or a Jeffco project?

    CindyB asked 3 months ago

    Hwy 93, north of Pine Ridge and north of where the Golden bike path currently ends, would be on JeffCo property or within CDOT ROW, and outside of Golden’s control. The Golden Bike plan envisions a widened shoulder to allow safer bike access, but funding for a shared use path would be a more ideal solution, to be sure.

  • Are we ever going to be awarded our vehicular travel lanes back on Ford St between 10th and 14th? It would be so lovely to be able to function through our town again :)

    ghydle asked 3 months ago

    Staff is aware of the congestion along Ford Street and as a result, the corridor was studied and found to be operating at a Level of Service (LOS) of C or better. LOS is a measure of delay and is on a scale of A to F with F being the worst. Golden has adopted a minimum LOS standard of D which is common throughout the traffic operations industry. So while there is room for improvement, the function through town is well within acceptable standards.

    While reverting back to the lane configuration that was present before would add vehicular capacity and improve function, it would also necessitate the removal of the bike lanes that have been added. This would be counter to the City of Golden’s drive to provide complete streets that provide balanced facilities for all modes of transportation. Additionally the single lane configuration will provide the City the potential opportunity in a future project to provide enhanced pedestrian and transit facilities. 

    All of that aside, the City of Golden staff is continuously looking to improve signal operations, especially during peak use times when traffic stacks up, and will continue to monitor and enhance in an effort to improve the safety and convenience of the Ford Street corridor for all modes of transport. We are also planning some modifications to enhance bike safety in the corridor, as well as improvements to wayfinding signage at 14th Street to better direct drivers heading to downtown. This will hopefully reduce the number of drivers making late lane changes at that intersection and improve safety overall.

  • What is happening at the mortuary site in downtown?

    fangacx asked 3 months ago

    The building at 1100 Washington Avenue was purchased in 2018 to be renovated based on its historic look and façade. The owner is considering restaurant and retail uses for the main floor and either office or residential for the second floor. The project is in the design phase, but no building permit application for the renovation has been submitted yet.

  • The G line train service began a few weeks ago. Is there a way that we can extend service into Golden? I understand that RTD owns the lines into Golden. I live in North Golden neighborhood. It would be nice to walk to train instead of driving 7 miles to Ward Road.

    GBCapaul asked 3 months ago

    City staff agrees, and has advocated for an eventual G Line extension from Ward Road for some time now, but it has yet to appear on any official RTD expansion list. Since such an extension would be very costly, RTD takes a very cautious approach. In the meantime, staff is also lobbying RTD for a bus extension from Golden to the Ward Road station, similar to the old 44 bus route that was truncated in 2013 and no longer serves Golden. Now that the Golden Line is actually operational, there may be more traction on this idea.

  • I heard that the jeep was recently removed from South Table Mountain. Is that the case? Is the jeep owned by a Golden resident? How was the jeep removed to prevent further damage to South Table? Was a citation issued? What was the citation? What is being done to help prevent others from also driving up to the top of South Table? Thank you! asked 3 months ago

    Our Police Department said the vehicle on the hill incident was handled by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. You can contact them for more information via their website at

  • Hello there, Was there consideration given to traffic congestion with the building of the new 55 and older, Epogue apartments and new memory care center at Highway 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Road? I live in Mesa Meadows and it is almost impossible to make a left hand turn onto Highway 93 with the traffic flow right now. I am concerned that once the apartments and memory care unit open and are functional, traffic will increase and make it truly impossible to leave the neighborhood without going considerably out of the way. We have several accidents per week on this Highway 93 corridor now. After several inquiries, the state has told residents a stop light at Pine Ridge Road and Highway 93 is out of the question due to the proximity of the stop light at Golden Gate Canyon Road and that their traffic studies show regular traffic breaks in north/south travel. It is not uncommon to wait 15-25 minutes to turn onto Highway 93. Thank you for letting all of us who live in the area know if traffic congestion has been a subject of discussion? Joyce Laituri Mesa Meadows III

    J Laituri asked 5 months ago

    Traffic congestion is always considered as part of new development within the City of Golden.  With respect to a new signal being added to Highway 93 at Pine Ridge Road, it is the understanding of Golden Public Works that CDOT has studied the location for the possible addition of a signal and determined that it did not meet the warrants for signalization as set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). CDOT plans to alter the intersection at HWY 93 and Pine Ridge Road to preclude left turns onto the highway. Drivers wishing to head south on HWY 93 would need to head southward through town to get to either Washington Ave or Iowa Street to then make the left to southbound HWY 93. Once the new development at Epoque and Golden Lodge are completed, drivers wishing to access HWY 93 can simply access Golden Gate Canyon Road to head either north or south via the lighted intersection.

  • I just noticed construction type activity at the south end of Plateau Parkway. What's up?

    mtrout asked 5 months ago

    The work at the end of Plateau Parkway is geotechnical investigative work for the Hillen property.  This is likely to be a residential development but they have not formally submitted anything yet.

  • I read that you are restricting building permits. I wanted to voice my opinion that I am all for this and more thoughtful approach to growth. There are multiple projects that have been approved and built that I think are not in line with the 'beauty/character' of Golden. How can I do this?

    leightobin asked 5 months ago

    The best way to track this issue is on the new Guiding Development page here on Guiding Golden. There we'll also let you know of upcoming opportunities for public input.

  • Is there a building moratorium in the City of Golden regarding paired homes and multi family projects? If so how long is the moratorium? During this moratorium will the building committee and the planning committee review projects for paired homes or multi family projects?

    cwillard asked 5 months ago

    City Council recently enacted a temporary moratorium (until August 1st) on building permits for new “paired homes’ (duplexes) and site plans for multi-family projects. During the period of the moratorium Planning Commission and City Council will be reviewing code amendments to improve such projects. The best way to get additional specific information is to visit the Guiding Development page on Guiding Golden.

  • If the History Museum is commissioning a new mural for its building, shouldn't it wait until moving?

    mesabus asked 5 months ago

    In anticipation that the History Museum might move, the mural will be painted on a removable substrate. The surface will be comprised of six 4’ x 8’ panels of Dibond (rigid aluminum) with a beveled wooden frame to be attached to the exterior wall. If and when the museum relocates, the panels and frame can be easily reinstalled in a new location.