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Community Investments

over 1 year ago

As part of this year’s biennial budget process, we want to hear where you think investments in the community should be made. Your input will be taken into consideration by city officials and City Council as the budget process continues. 

Consultation has concluded

  • Stick2kj over 1 year ago
    I believe that the City needs to look into installing dedicated left turn signals at W. 10th Ave. onto Johnson Rd. The traffic at this intersection in the morning and in the afternoon has reached a point where the traffic impacts are greater then the current intersection signals can sufficiently move traffic. By installing a dedicated left turn signal it should reduce delays and make this intersection more efficient.
  • gamboa over 1 year ago
    traffic calming barriers on our narrow roads, such as on Ford Street, 3 which were installed recently are unsafe and dangerous. They will be hit and if the auto then bounces into the oncoming lane, it will be a serious accident. The City's Street Improvement Program states that the network is to allow for the safe and efficient passage of automobiles and bicycles. We have a dangerous situation for bicycles when there is no bikepath and they are required to veer into the car lane. Please evaluate that the traffic calming barriers do not create this unsafe condition.
  • Lisa1214 over 1 year ago
    I would also love to see more trees planted around town and along bike paths. This would help provide shade, beauty, and have a positive environmental impact.
  • Lisa1214 over 1 year ago
    I agree with revisiting the issues at clear creek. Often times when I go down there in he summer, there is trash everywhere. This is not only bad for the environment, but makes it a less pleasant enjoyable experience. I have witnessed people having picnics in the fenced off areas. When confronted by a ranger, they basically blew him off, saying that they had already set up and would move when they were finished. He said he would give them time to finish, but then they had to move. When they finally did move, they left a bunch of plastic bags, wrappers, and paper napkins on the ground. The smoking band is also not enforced as well as it should be. I see people smoking all of he tome and then just leaving their cigarette butts in the sand. I feel like this could be better managed if fines were given out. The rules are clearly visible, so people should be held accountable for ignoring them. The city could use these funds to help further clean up the trash left after the masses of people leave.
  • derosagoco over 1 year ago
    The city needs to address, revisit and revise the Clear Creek Master Plan. Only minimal changes have been implemented and since then the volume of creek users, tourists and the increase in the population of Golden have made the Master Plan obsolete. All the issues that the plan addresses are still present and have escalated. Put some money into managing the volume of creek users, providing parking, shuttles, rule enforcement. Figure out a way to capture some revenue from the creek and the park. Most importantly– identify a place for creek users to park. Enforce permit parking in adjacent neighborhoods and increase signage. Perhaps utilize digital signs. Shuttle the tubers and get them off the creek path. Charge them some money (issue an armband) so that the City can capture dollars spent on trash pickup, rangers, creek and park maintenance.
  • Ann over 1 year ago
    For as many trails as we are lucky to enjoy in Golden, you can't go very far without having to cross an incredibly dangerous road. Investment in infrastructure supporting walkability, traffic calming and safe cycling routes will keep both residents and tourists more closely engaged in everything Golden has to offer. Give people more of a reason to get around town without a car and you will find them spending more money locally, you will have improved safety, and residents will have a better opportunity to maintain a sense of wellness. You should use Summit County, and their large network of bike paths as an inspiration.