Sustainability Initiatives Priority Survey

Help us prioritize sustainability efforts for the Golden community by taking our survey. Your feedback will be used to directly inform policies for the next 3-5 years. 

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Increase Rooftop Solar for homes and businesses

Strategy Details: Increase Rooftop Solar for Homes and Businesses

Problem: Golden cannot meet its 100% renewable energy goal by 2050 at its current pace of private investment. Less than 3% of the community’s energy usage comes from renewable energy. Solar systems produce most energy and the offer the best potential of all the available renewable technologies in Golden. Intent: While utility-scale solar is becoming more widely used, on-site renewable energy is a key component of making progress toward high performing or net zero buildings. Currently, solar is a requirement for all new multi-family and commercial construction projects.


For each strategy listed below, please rank how likely are you to support it (1=low, 10= high)

Additional rebates & incentives for residential solar
Discounts for homeowners & Businesses through bulk purchases by the City
Require solar for major renovations of homes & Businesses
Require solar for all new residential construction
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