Corroded Pipe Causes Unexpected Delays

The North Washington project has run into an unexpected problem. A 16-inch ductal iron water line that runs up the east side of Washington was uncovered this week and found to have iron flaking off around water taps all along the pipe.

The line was installed just over 30 years old and was expected to last around 70 years. The problem appears to be electrolysis around the dissimilar metals where taps have been made and we are concerned that we will soon have many leaks appearing if we don't take care of the problem now, especially because we have disturbed the soil with the street project.

While ideally, we would postpone the concrete work currently happening and allow the pipe to be replaced before coming back in to finish the rest of the work. However, Concrete Works has a very large job at DIA commencing soon, and is unavailable to put the job on hold.

So the plan is to have Concrete Works complete all the sidewalk and bike lane concrete work that they still need to do over the next few weeks. They will then demobilize concrete work from the job, and Diamond Contractors, who did our last year’s utility program, will come in and start replacing the line immediately.

In the meantime, we are running the 16-inch line under reduced pressure, so residents may see lower pressure at their homes for a few weeks. When the water line work is complete, we will have a Concrete Works asphalt subcontractor come in and finish the paving.

We are sorry about the delay, but cannot pave over a line that is in that condition.

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