Consultant Chosen

On Sept. 18, 2019, members of Planning Commission and City Council met with Planning staff and the consultant chosen for this project. They discussed the scope of the zoning code audit component of the project, prior to approval of the contract by City Council, which will happen at a later date.


The current zoning code, Title 18 of the Golden Municipal Code, was primarily developed in 1973, with some zoning districts dating back to 1960. While numerous additions and amendments to this code have occurred over the past 45 years, the code has never been reviewed and assessed in a comprehensive manner. The code began as a typical Euclidean zoning code document, but has since evolved to contain design guidelines and standards, sustainability requirements, downtown regulations with height zone overlays, form-based code elements, and bulk plane regulations. The City is currently working on a number of code changes to address the preservation of neighborhood and community character, as well as the housing needs of the “missing middle” in Golden.

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Consultation has concluded

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